Seventh-Grade Health

Health Education, a semester long class, is a required course of study for all seventh-grade students in the Fullerton School District. In Health Education, students will learn about maintaining good health through lessons devoted to hygiene, adolescent development, the human body, building human relationships, family life, and coping with health issues found within a contemporary society.

These are some of the specific units of study:

Personal Health

Body Systems

Emotional Health

First Aid

Exercise and Fitness


Communicable Diseases

Stress and Teen Suicide

Grades are based upon homework, notebook organization, in-class assignments, group reports, quizzes, tests, and end of-semester health folders.

We are all very proud of the health program here at Parks and it is our hope to assist each student in making informed decisions that will lead to a long, healthy life.






Mr. Sonny, a CSUF graduate who holds a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science, is our main health educator. He teaches the majority of the health classes each semester.



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