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In the Fullerton School District we believe all students, including the gifted, develop to their full potential only when their special strengths are identified and supported throughout their lives. We are therefore committed to providing differentiated, in-depth, complex, and accelerated opportunities for our GATE students.

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Every school district that provides a GATE program submits an application to the State of California to document their participation and provide assurances that they will comply with the legal requirements of the program.

The GATE Application submitted in 2005-2006, by the Fullerton School District, received a five-year approval by the State of California.

Based on notifications from the California Department of Education, the Fullerton School District will not be required to submit a new GATE application until 2012-2013. The District will continue to receive funding for the program based on our 2008-2009 funding apportionment.

The GATE office will continue to monitor information from the California Department of Education related to GATE programs. Please continue to visit this site for updates from the CDE as we receive them.

As a District dedicated to meeting the needs of our gifted students, we will continue to bring quality educational experiences to classrooms and work to improve the GATE Program for all gifted students.

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