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Information for Parents - Nutrition Guidelines

Did you know that all foods offered to students on the monthly menus contain no trans fats?

Did you know that carbonated beverages (sodas) are not available in Fullerton School District school cafeterias?

Did you know that monthly lunch menus on our website contain the weekly nutritional analysis?

Eat better....get active!


Fullerton School District Board of Trustees adopted the current policy regarding student wellness. This policy is the result of the combined efforts of the District's Educational Services Department and Nutritional Services Department. This policy incorporates nutrition education, physical education, and implementation of strict requirements for food and beverages offered by the District's Nutrition Services Department to our students. The District must also comply with State and Federal requirements because it participates in the National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs.

Nutrition Services develops monthly meal menus based on this Board policy and makes healthier foods available to our students. Whole grain breads, low-fat foods, reduced-fat foods, and reduced-sugar cereals are among the items offered to our students. These are essential building blocks in the USDA food pyramid. Parents are encouraged to offer healthy foods in their homes.

Board-Adopted Policy on Wellness

Healthy Foods Guidelines English Korean Spanish

Frans-fats can be found in many foods but especially in fried foods like French Fries, doughnuts, baked goods (including pastries, pie crusts, biscuits, pizza dough, cookies, crackers, stick margarines and shortenings). The amount of trans-fats in a particular packaged food can be determined by looking at the Nutrition Facts label. For more information visit http://www.americanheart.org . You can also spot trans-fats by reading ingredient lists and looking for the ingredients referred to as "partially hydrogenated oils".

Helpful Links (external):

California Project Lean

California Obesity Prevention Program

Shape Up America!

Snack calculator, calorie burn calculator, activity chart, food pyramid, games for children, and additional tools and information are available from the USDA at http://www.fns.usda.gov/eatsmartplayhardhealthylifestyle/







Information for Parents - Student Meal Accounts

Parents may put money in their student's meal account at any time depending on the method they choose.

Parents can view their student's meal account balance by setting up a FREE mySchoolBucks account. www.myschoolbucks.com

Parents can pay by cash or check in the school office. Use a pre-payment envelope available in the school office or print one using the following template on a No. 10 standard business envelope Template

Parents who have written "bounced checks" may be denied the priviledge of paying by check for their students' meal accounts.

Parents can view a print-out of student meal account balances in their school's office. An up-to-date print-out is made available each week.

Money left in students' accounts is carried over from year-to-year for as long as the student remains in the District. Once the child knows that they are leaving, the parent/guardian may request a refund by using the Meal Account Refund Request Form or they should ask that the funds be transferred to a sibling's account. To request the transfer, call the Nutrition Office at 714-447-7435.

"Low-Balance Letters" are sent home with students each week when a student's meal account balance falls below the total cost of one week's worth of meal payments. Please check the date of the letter to see if the letter was delayed in reaching you. You may have made a payment, and the low-balance letter was printed before the payment was applied. If you don't want to receive low-balance letters, either request a refund of the amount in your student's meal account OR bring the balance up to at least one week's total meal payments so your child will have funds in the account in case they forget their lunch/don't bring money one day.

It is the parent's responsibility to make sure that the student has enough money (cash or in account) to buy food each day OR bring a lunch from home. Even if a child is only short by five cents, the school will not loan money to the student. (See the 2010-2011 District Handbook.) Why? More than 12,000 students are enrolled in the District. At 5 cents per student per school day, the cost would exceed $100,000 each school year in student loans. Some students won't pay since it is only 5 cents, and the District is put into the "collection mode". The District doesn't have enough staff to perform collections on this type of loan.

Per District policy, the District does not loan money to children or parents at any time.

Transaction reports for student meal accounts can be requested at any time during the school year. Information is available only for the current school year. Transaction reports must be requested before the school year ends. To request a transaction report, send an email to amanda_colon@fullertonsd.org specifying the student's name, school, and Student ID Number. Please allow two weeks for processing your request.

Households with low-income can apply for free or reduced-price meals by completing an application and submitting it to the Nutrition Office (follow the instructions and fill-out the form completely). Meal Benefit Applications are available each school year after July 1st. Check the Nutrition Services webpage for the most up-to-date information about application availability.

Junior high school students are able to buy a la carte items. The items are typically charged as "miscellaneous", "entree", etc., and students either pay cash for these items or they are charged to the student's meal account. Students may make purchases up to the balance remaining in their accounts. Accounts are not restricted, so parents and students should discuss how the meal account funds are to be used. Students may purchase more than one meal/entree/beverage/etc. each day. To view these purchases use your myschoolbucks account. The junior high menu is available on the Nutrition Services webpage under "Menus".

Questions about meal applications? Click here.



Information for Parents - MySchoolBucks Accounts

Parents may put money in their student's meal account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using MySchoolBucks.com. Parents should remember that payments take up to two school days to be applied to their student's accounts.

Automatic payments may be set-up in MySchoolBucks. They can be set-up as monthly or weekly automatic payments, and they can also be set-up to pay if the student's account drops below a set amount.

Users may set-up a free account if they only want to view the student's balance and transactions. A free account does not permit the user to make payments on students' accounts.

If a user wants to be able to make payments on an account, they will be required to pay a fee based on the terms defined at myschoolbucks.com.

Questions and Answers:

Q. Who do I call if I'm having trouble with my account?

A. First, call the Nutrition Office (714-447-7435). If the problem remains unsolved, call MySchoolBucks' toll-free number (800-256-8224).

Q. Why are fees charged for using this service?

A. This service is a convenience made available by the District. It is non-essential, so the fees must be paid by the parents/guardians if they choose to use the service. The District is not required to accept payments by debit/credit card.

Q. How can I avoid paying for this service?

A. Parents/Guardians are not required to set-up a MySchoolBucks account. Users may set-up a free MySchoolBucks account for viewing their student's account if they'd like. Payments can be made by cash or check using the Meal Account Pre-Payment Envelopes and delivering them to the school office, and there are no fees for using this payment method.

Q. Does the money in my child's account carryover from year-to-year?

A. Yes. The money carries from year-to-year. Once your child has completed eighth grade, you must request a refund or transfer the funds to a sibling's account. (Use the Refund Request Form.)

Q. Can the funds be transferred from my student's account at this District to his/her account at another district?

A. No. The District is unable to transfer funds to destinations outside of the District.

Q. I'm seeing the word "Heartland" on my statements instead of mySchoolBucks. What does that mean?

A. mySchoolBucks is in the process of merging with Heartland. More information will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.


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